Tarmacing A Drive: The Legal Implications


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Making sure your house is beautiful and practical is as important exterior as it is inside the home. However, sometimes it is important to consider boundaries that might be in place. Tarmacing a drive, for example, has some legal implications. These will need to be considered. You can talk to a company like RM Kennedy & Sons if you have any questions about the process. We have collated some of the main points to consider in this short article.

Read on and find out if you may consider tarmacing a drive.

Drainage Considerations For Tarmacing A Drive

The first thing that needs to be considered is the driveways capabilities for drainage. If you can, you should be tarmacing a drive with permeable materials. These can include porous concrete or asphalt, gravel, and also permeable block paving.
if you are using another surface the rainwater needs to be directed to a lawn, border or another drainage system to drain naturally.

Tarmacing A Drive

Planning Permission

If you are paving a garden area by tarmacing a drive, then you may need to seek planning permission. This can be obtained from your local government authority. This is the case for most driveways being changed somewhat dramatically.
If you made any changes to your driveway in the time after October 2008 you may have to apply for planning permission retrospectively. Any work done prior to this time does not need to be registered.

Dropping The Kerb

If you are tarmacing a drive where there wasn’t one before you will also need to drop the kerb. As with above, you will need to request planning permission to do so. Dropping the kerb is pertinent as the kerbs give strength to the pavements and prevent breakages. High kerbs will also damage car tyres coming in and out of the driveway. Do make sure that you do not attempt this yourself and contact the local authority first.


If you have any questions at all about tarmacing a drive, contact RM Kennedy & Sons as they will be able to help in all aspects of the operation from consultation through to execution.

Tarmacing A Drive

They are a road surfacing contractor who covers the Central area of Scotland and has many years of experience in both commercial and domestic tarmac contracts.

Not only does the company have very competitive prices when it comes to tarmacing a drive, but they also give free estimates and provide full planning and design. This will make sure your driveway meets both your aesthetic standards and the legal standards.

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