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Things Your Glasgow Letting Agent Needs to Know

When letting out your property with a Glasgow letting agent, it’s essential to be aware of the regulations surrounding the industry. This article covers several important topics, including the Renters’ reform bill and new guidance on the material information that must be included in property listings. It also looks at professional indemnity insurance and the […]

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Careers For Law Graduates

Careers for law graduates are numerous and diverse. While the traditional lawyer role is the most common and long-lasting, it can take time to mature and pay dividends. Other popular lawyer jobs include: service matters, property dispute, matrimonial cases, and intellectual property rights. If you’re a law graduate with a keen interest in entertainment or […]

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The Importance Of Contract Law In Society

Contact law is the law that governs contracts both verbal and non verbal as well as written. Many people in society fail to notice the fact that on a daily basis they are likely entering into several contacts each day. For example when you accept a websites terms and conditions you are entering into a […]

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