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Law in engineering

Employment Law In Engineering

Are you looking for employment law in engineering? If you are the head of a department in an engineering company, school or consultancy then you have to deal with employees every day. It’s not easy to work with engineers and it can be quite difficult to understand them as well. You must therefore develop good […]

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Home Sales

Why Sell a House Fast?

It is important for people to know the reason why they should sell a house fast before actually doing it. This is very important because selling a property too fast will almost always lead to failure and the person who is selling it will have to suffer a lot of losses. It is also important […]

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Four Things To Note Before Undertaking A Law Degree

Many people do not know what to expect when preparing to undertake a course at university. Law students, in particular, can feel overwhelmed by the task that they are about to carry out. With this in mind, it’s good to have a heads up of what to expect at university. We have found four things […]

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How Important Is Precision Engineering?

If you are involved with the aerospace industry, or you are working in the automotive industry, then you will probably have heard of Precision Engineering. However, what is it and how important is it to the aerospace industry? This article will provide a basic overview of this term, and hopefully help you answer this question […]

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Working From Home

The future of working from home is the telecommuting, the future of employment, flexible work arrangements, online work, online telework, flexible office, telecommuting, flexible working arrangement, remote work, and an online job. In this article I will go over the pros and cons of each type of arrangement. Telecommute means that the worker is able […]

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Stress Balls For The Work Place

Stress balls or hand exercise balls are a soft malleable plastic ball, typically less than seven centimeters in diameter, that is squeezed between the index finger and thumb, supposedly to alleviate muscle pain and stress or to stimulate the muscles of your hand. There are many websites and testimonials that describe these small balls as […]

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Injury Lawyers Glasgowlaw

Injury Lawyers Glasgow Review

Recently one of our active members unfortunately had an injury as a result of an accident at work. Thankfully their injuries were relatively mild and they managed to make a full recovery. In this article we will review the information they have given us based on their account of using Injury lawyers Glasgow and what […]

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DrivingRoad Traffic law

What is Road Traffic Law?

When driving a car, the rules governing Road Traffic Law are often more complex than those governing the operation of any other vehicle. This is because there are many different types of vehicles on the road that can add an additional element of complexity to the law. There are also several regulations that apply to […]

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Bots for InstagramInstagramlawSocial media growth

How Bots For Instagram Can Help Grow Law Firms

Bots for Instagram aren’t that much of a new development. However over the years they have been improved and refined so that now they can help to build a users social profile organically with minimal disruption. Applications such as Instagram bot follower appear to be paving the way forward for social media growth and overall […]

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Contract lawlaw

The Importance Of Contract Law In Society

Contact law is the law that governs contracts both verbal and non verbal as well as written. Many people in society fail to notice the fact that on a daily basis they are likely entering into several contacts each day. For example when you accept a websites terms and conditions you are entering into a […]

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