Must Reads for Every Law Student


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Apart from knowing the laws of a country and getting a great education, actual experiences and accounts of cases that have happened prove to be a thrilling read as well as an extremely helpful guide to understanding the world of law. Autobiographies and classics are given to law students on reading lists with even professors giving some books a read.

Woman Lawyer: Rewriting the Rules by Mona Harrington

No matter how much time has changed and how accepting a world we live in now, Mona Harrington speaks to over a 100 women who are setting foot on a path towards a career that is dominated by men. As a woman who is contemplating taking up law, this book definitely urges you to go for it.

The Redbook: A Manual on Legal Style by Bryan Garner

No matter where you graduated from and how great your degree is, many soon-to-be lawyers have complained about their lack of knowledge when it comes to the legal style of writing. Covering tips from lawyers who are leading the pack and being far more thorough than anything else available makes The Redbook a go-to for lawyers trying to find their writing style.

Making your case: The art of persuading judges by Antonin Scalia and Bryan Garner

Rather than just knowing your laws, knowing how to use them to your advantage is what gives you the upper hand. Your powers of persuasion can help you win a case against the best read lawyer and that is what this book aims on teaching its readers. How to convince the courtroom you are right instead of simply being right.

Storytelling for Lawyers by Philip Meyer

This book covers pitch, pace and how you should phrase each sentence which can then help lawyers to get people to listen. Instead of reading out case details, bringing the courtroom into the scene of the crime through the ability to tell a story could get a case you think you have already lost to swing in your favour.

My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor

University can pose more challenges than simply understanding laws but leaves students lost wondering if they have understood themselves. This gripping story that tells the tale of Sonia who went from a housing project to a force to be reckoned with in the Supreme Court gives you enough inspiration to keep going.

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