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Gluten Free Restaurants GlasgowIndian Food

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A work night out is a great way for staff to bond as well as enjoy a meal, when eating a restaurants its important to consider all staff needs to ensure that any allergies are taken into consideration as well as particular types of food which they may not like. Gluten free restaurants Glasgow has to offer an excellent array of dishes and we found some of the finest were from gluten free Indian restaurants in Glasgow.

Gluten free restaurants Glasgow

Why Are Allergens Important?

Allergens are of great importance because of the risk they pose to those that have allergies. Allergies should never be taken for granted or overlooked as mislabelling allergens or overlooking a simple request can lead to someones death in the most serious of cases.

As a result of this laws and policies regarding food health and safety to do with allergens are changing and becoming more and more widespread. Allergens are essential to take note of and need to be an important consideration for all restaurants.

Gluten free restaurants Glasgow

What Is Being Done To Raise Awareness About Allergens?

At present there are a number of different actions that are being taken in order to raise awareness about allergens overall with the wider community and food industry.

One of the main actions being taken is food safety training being made compulsory to staff across the country in order to ensure that staff know what to do in an emergency situation as well as having an awareness and understanding of what allergens are and how much of a threat they can pose.

There have also been several high profile campaigns by the government and clamp downs by food safety inspectors on premises that clearly are not abiding by food health and safety laws as well as allergens guidance. Restaurants and organisations that have violated these laws and terms have faced heavy fines as well as being shut down in many cases.

Why Choose An Indian Restaurant?

There are a number of reasons as to why you may want to choose an Indian restaurant for a work night out and one of the main ones is variety of dishes. Indian food is well known for having a very wide variety of dishes with different flavours from spicy and hot to mild and cooler dishes with a mixture of meat and non meat based foods.

Another key reason you should choose an Indian restaurant as your venue of choice is the nutritional value of the foods you are eating. Indian food dates back centuries and one of its most popular dishes (curry) has been used as a medicinal remedy as well as a nutritional meal for many years.

Studies have shown that there is a clear link between better health and Indian food with spices , turmeric , ginger and other vegetables providing valuable nutrients and vitamins.

Gluten free restaurants Glasgow

Overall to conclude there are a number of different reasons as to why you may choose an Indian restaurant but what is clear is that they offer a wider variety of healthy , nutritious allergen free dishes.

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