Four Things To Note Before Undertaking A Law Degree


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Many people do not know what to expect when preparing to undertake a course at university. Law students, in particular, can feel overwhelmed by the task that they are about to carry out. With this in mind, it’s good to have a heads up of what to expect at university. We have found four things to note for law students. A law degree shouldn’t be daunting and you shouldn’t feel anxious about it. It’s a major achievement to get into a law course in the UK, be proud!

Read on and find out four things to note before undertaking your law degree.

1.     Law Courses May End Up Being More Hands-On Than You Think.

The first things that many law students comment on are that the course is always far more practical than they would have thought. Of course, there are the written and reading elements. However, most unis take part in mock court trials, lively debates and many other practical learning tasks. Not only is this an effective way of learning, but it helps to give you better experiences of what the actual career path may bring.

2.     You Are Going To Read More Than You Ever Have Before.

Another thing to note is that you are going to read. A lot. Law students have to learn many real-life cases that have set the precedent for certain laws and judicial decisions. On top of that, the actual laws and regulations must also be learned to an adequate degree. Then you have the additional reading if you choose a specialism. This could be European Law or Human Rights Law, or one of many other options. You are going to have to read as much as possible.

3.     There Are More Options Career Wise Than It Seems.

Many people go into a law degree because it has good career prospects. However, they often think they can only be a solicitor or defence lawyer. There are actually many other options. You can participate in charity work, or join the civil service. In addition to this, a Law Degree is very well respected by most employers. This will mean that if you want to apply to something outside of the law industry, you are in with a good chance.

4.     It’s An Incredibly Interesting Choice Of Career.

Another great thing to consider about a Law Degree is that it can be a really interesting degree and career. The real-life examples can be intriguing an captivating. This can make the topics interesting to learn about and easy to remember. This is another reason why you should consider doing a specialism as it helps to ensure that you are learning about a topic you are genuinely interested in.

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