Things That Are Commonly Overlooked in Event Planning

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When it comes to planning a large event, there are things that can often be overlooked, especially if it’s your first time hosting and running a large event. This article will highlight some of the things that are often overlooked when planning events, including event crew agencies and temporary structures and liability contracts for all members of staff.

Breakdown of the Day

All attendees will likely be supplied with a breakdown of the events that will be happening during the day. What is also important is to provide all staff and event crew agencies with a separate plan of the day. This will be more detailed and in-depth than the one that is given to the public and should include every little detail of the event.


Taking capacity into consideration is essential and you may be saying “well you shouldn’t be in events if you don’t already know that”. But what you needed to take into consideration is how large any temporary structures will be in the area. If you get temporary structures, such as stages, that are too big, then your capacity level may drop due to there not being enough space. Same goes for if you try to cram too much into one space.

Food and Snacks for Volunteers

Providing food and snacks for your volunteers and event crew agencies is not only a nice gesture, it also helps ensure they have enough energy to carry out the tasks that they need to do. The last thing you want is your team members fainting or being lethargic whilst trying to greet guests and do other jobs – some of which might be strenuous.

Communication with Event Crew Agencies and Other Volunteers

It’s essential that all members of staff and volunteers have a clear line of communication. You never know what is going to happen at a large event and being able to communicate with people and have them communicate with you can help get problems resolved quickly and efficiently. Issuing all members of staff with walkie-talkies is a great solution to this as it enables everyone to be aware of what is going on and call for assistance in case of emergency. If you have chosen to opt for one or multiple event crew agencies, then they may provide this. If not, then renting this sort of equipment is a good alternative.

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Safety of Temporary Structures

Ensuring that you have all the right permits, health and safety information and someone to deal with any temporary structures that may be at your event is essential. This could be anything from stages to bars, first aid tents and pretty much anything that will be taken down and removed after the event is done.

temporary structures


It’s important to get anyone who may be working your event to sign a liability agreement. Event crew agencies, volunteers, people who come in to set up and take down the temporary structures, everyone who is classed as working the event. This will help ensure that you and your company are protected in case anything happens through accident or injury. This is essential to have so the law will protect you.

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