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Careers for law graduates are numerous and diverse. While the traditional lawyer role is the most common and long-lasting, it can take time to mature and pay dividends. Other popular lawyer jobs include: service matters, property dispute, matrimonial cases, and intellectual property rights. If you’re a law graduate with a keen interest in entertainment or business, you can pursue a career in entertainment or business law. If you’re interested in Government work, you can also become a Loss Adjuster or an Intellectual Property Rights expert.

Entertainment law

There are many different kinds of entertainment law jobs for law graduates. These professionals work with clients in the media, law firms, and as agents, managers, and publicists. In addition to representing clients in court, they can also work with fledgling entertainment companies to establish LLCs and navigate tax issues. For example, an entertainment attorney may advise a band or musician on a contract, and they may represent the company in a dispute with a major record label.

Loss adjuster

If you’re a recent law graduate looking for a career change, a Loss Adjuster position may be an excellent choice. This field is fast-paced and often requires working under pressure and to tight deadlines. There are several different paths to gain this job, but generally the best option is to pursue a degree in an area that matches your skills and interests. In addition to completing a university degree, there are a number of large loss adjusting firms that run structured graduate training schemes. Generally, these companies will accept those with a 2:1 degree or higher. However, in some cases, you may need to obtain an Advanced Diploma or Certificate in Insurance to qualify for this role.

Government sector

If you have just graduated from law school and are seeking a stable and fulfilling career, government work is a great option. There are many options for government employment, including jobs in state and local governments, and even federal agencies. Working for the government is often more rewarding than working for a private firm, and you’ll have greater responsibility, practical experience, and great benefits. Government work can also be rewarding, especially if you’re passionate about serving the public.


Although Juries are jobs for law graduates, there are a variety of different types of jury consultants. While not all consultants follow the same path to the job, they may have a bachelor’s degree in a related field. After obtaining a master’s degree, many will gain valuable experience in the judicial system. Still, many jury consultants work as attorneys before transitioning to the consultant role. Whatever the role, there are several essential skills and competencies you should have.


The market for teaching positions for law graduates is fierce and competitive, but there are several ways to gain the necessary experience and earn high pay. The LLM/”Post-Doc”/VAP path requires less practical experience and academic accomplishment. Path B requires additional academic and research experience after law school. Teaching is an excellent way to build your professional network. However, it may not be the best option for everyone.


If you have completed your degree in law and wish to become a journalist, there are many options available to you. You can either work for a large media organization, or freelance as your schedule and abilities permit. Journalism jobs are available worldwide, and they pay well. The most attractive part of this career is that it is extremely flexible. You can work full-time or part-time, and choose to work for a particular media outlet, or for yourself.

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