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Adam Datasets are datasets used within clinical trials. Through this article we will discuss the use of GDPR and how it correlates it with adam datasets. General data protection regulation is a law on regulation and privacy surrounding data for people within the European union. We will also examine in this article what exactly adam datasets are and how they can be used to prevent data being used negligently.

Adam Datasets

Adam Datasets

So what exactly are Adam Datasets? essentially the set of standards data collection and retention data is set against in order to ensure accuracy and efficiency. They are used to help organisations organise their data and ensure consistency. There are a number of different advantages that an Adam data set can bring. One of the main advantages of standardised datasets such as as Adam datasets is newer employees require much less training. This reduces overall labour costs and increases efficiency. Another advantage is standardised data is more easy to understand and should be easier to use in line with data protection laws.

Clinical Trials In The Past

Adam Datasets

Clinical Trials across the world but in the US in particular have had bad press over the years. This is due to experiments/trials where participants were manipulated and their data was used without their knowledge or understanding. For example in the US mental health patients were often given electric shocks as attempted therapy methods. This was often done without their consent and was part of “clinical trials” or experiments.

Needless to say their data was also used without their permission. Having said this , this occurred at a time where human rights weren’t fully developed and the mentally ill were seen as social outcasts. Attitudes over the last fifty years have dramatically changed and now clinical trials and experiments can only be undertaken with explicit consent and strict guidelines and procedures in place.

Clinical Trials Now

Adam Datasets

Currently clinical trials in the US have to abide by CDISC and Adam dataset standards. These are a set of guidelines and policies that ensure that participants data is handled properly and securely. In contrast to methods used in the previous generations participants are often paid to take part in these trials rather than being forced. Those taking part in any form of clinical trial are legally entitled to know what it entails and any risks that may be involved in it. Data protection is essential and those taking part in the trial could potentially take those conducting the trial to court if they breach data protection laws or clinical trial guidelines.

Overall Conclusions And Findings

To conclude there are a number of different conclusions that can be drawn from the use of Adam datasets. Clearly in the past there was an abuse of the system and welfare of those involved in clinical trials/experiments. As a result of this guidelines and standards have been implemented worldwide in most countries in order to safeguard against abuse. In addition to this dataset guidelines have been implemented so that data can be gathered easily and be better shared with others.

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