Can Upholsterers In Glasgow Transform Old Furniture?


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Upholstered furniture is just one of the many furniture types available for sale in today’s market. They range from ordinary and utilitarian pieces of furniture like sofas, chairs, benches, storage units, and tables to designer and luxurious pieces that are often made using metals, plastics, and other man-made materials. However, upholstering is not the only type available in the furniture industry. Indeed, most types of furniture are manufactured from a combination of two or more different materials. Upholsterers in Glasgow deliver some of the most high quality furniture transformations for different types of furniture from all over the country.

Repairing And Restoring Furniture

Historically, upholstery use simple materials like hay and straw, animal hair, crushed coconut shells, burlap, wadding, and whatever else upholsterers could shove into a sturdy piece of furniture to create it comfortable. In more modern times, designers have come up with more innovative ways to add comfort and functionality to upholstered furniture. One such example of an innovation is the creation of foam padding, which makes upholstered furniture soft and plush, eliminating the need for expensive padding.

Most upholstery manufacturers and designers will agree that upholstery is all about the finish and design. The finishing touch is what makes upholstery so appealing. Some people may be turned off by the thought of adding padding, however. This shouldn’t stop a buyer from shopping for a new chair or sofa. A prospective buyer needs to know that there is an alternative way to create the same sort of upholstered furniture using only fabric. Using padding instead of springs gives upholsterers the opportunity to use their creativity to add unique character to their furniture without spending a fortune.

Changing The Upholstery Process

If upholsterers are looking for a cheap way to create a unique design for their chairs and tables, they should look to custom upholstery fabric. With a variety of fabrics available today, including denim, cotton, microfiber, and fleece, buyers have plenty of options. When shopping for this type of fabric, buyers are in for a special treat. This type of material is usually referred to as gabardine fabric, which is made up of one-half inch thick layers of heavy cotton yarn with bonded seams and sturdy stitching. Because gabardine fabric resists wrinkles, it is an excellent choice for upholstery work because it resists stretching and can easily be machine-washed.

Gabardine upholstery has a lot of advantages over traditional materials, such as velour or duck leather. For example, with goose leather or velour upholstery, if a chair gets scratched, the fabric becomes damaged, making it unusable. Gabardine fabric stays intact as long as it is cared for correctly. Because of this quality, upholsterers in Glasgow who choose to use gabardine fabric for upholstering will find that their chairs and tables look new for longer because the damage from frequent usage does not show. This added quality also makes it easier for upholsterers to make furniture that will last for several years.

Furniture Fabric

When shopping for a high-quality upholstery fabric, shoppers should also consider the upholstery thread count. Higher thread counts mean that the fabric is more durable and will stay wrinkle-free for a longer period of time. The right fabric is important because when furniture is used often, the upholsterers need to move the pieces around frequently in order to create the most appealing design. Because it is difficult for upholsterers in Glasgow to see their work, higher thread count means less wrinkling and dryness. If a customer buys a cheap upholstery fabric, he or she should consider the durability of the piece and purchase the best quality possible.

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